Natural Like Me

Natural Like Me

Natural Like Me is a Vegan, Cruelty Free, All Natural Toiletry Range developed By Jude and Di the experts behind Dry Like Me, developed especially for Toddlers.

100% natural ingredients
cruelty free
no nasties
paraben free
handmade in the UK
designed for toddlers
recyclable packaging


Top to Toe Body Wash for toddlers.

with moisturising aloe vera and chamomile

Our top to toe body wash is a hard working all over wash, suitable for hair and body. With Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Lavender it is kind to toddlers skin and has moisturising properties to keep your toddlers skin and hair in tip top condition.

Designed especially for toddlers:

Our top to toe body wash is easy for toddlers to dispense themselves in its pump. Not much is needed to clean all over, and toddlers can enjoy rubbing it into their hair and filling the bathroom full of lovely aromas. Our top to toe body wash leaves hair and skin feeling smooth and smelling clean and good. All ready for bed! Its great in the bath or shower for all the family too.

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Bumps and Bruises Healing Salve for toddlers

with soothing aloe vera and tea tree

Consider this your SOS first aid go to product whenever your little one gets a bump, cut, bite, sting burn or graze. Keep it in your handbag for healing on the go. Another product the whole family can benefit from.

Designed especially for toddlers:

The natural healing qualities of aloe vera are well known with it helping to heal wounds and skin abrasions. We have packed ours in a small handy recyclable airless pump so you can keep it in your handbag and administer healing on the go. Toddlers will love this soothing slave being rubbed in to help ease away their bumps and bruises. Take it on holiday to help sooth insect bites and stings too. The antiseptic Tea Tree in our product makes this a first aid essential.

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Gentle Foaming Hand Wash for toddlers

with refreshing lemon oil

Our gentle foaming hand wash is packed full of citrus notes, with Lemon as its key ingredient. The addition of lavender gives this lovely handwash the scent of fresh citrus fruit and oranges.

Designed especially for toddlers:

Our foaming hand wash is easy for toddlers to apply using the handy pump, rub in and wash off. It leaves hands fresh and citrusy smelling which children love. The pump is a recyclable airless pump, and the hand wash contains no surfactants or nasties to create the foam.

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Barrier Balm

Day and Night Barrier Balm for toddlers.

with calming lavender and almond oil

A multi purpose balm that helps sooth sore bottoms, but is a great aid for massage, dry skin, and to rub on the temples to aid sleep. We love this balm for our lips too.

Designed especially for toddlers:

Using this balm to protect your Toddlers bottom from nappy rash is a practical application of our day and night barrier balm, but it can do so much more. A lovely bed time massage, or rubbed soothingly into temples to help sleep. Use on dry skin, and consider this a multi purpose great smelling balm. You can even rub into your own dry skin, lips and face.

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Protective Powder

Every Day Protective Powder for toddlers.

with gentle lavender and chamomile

Our talc free protective powder is one of those products that all the family will end up loving. The smell itself is divine, and this fine powder is a fantastic product to protect toddlers bottoms from sores and rashes especially while potty training.

Our every day Protective Powder is just that.

A powder to use every day to keep your little one fresh and dry. Gentle enough to use from birth this powder will become a firm family favourite that you never knew you needed! All the family can use it after a bath or shower to smooth and protect skin.

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Full of Natural Ingredients

Our products are all hand made in Dorset, and full of natural ingredients such as Lavender, Chamomile, Lemon and Aloe Vera. We have taken care to make sure our Natural Like Me range contains no nasties and are paraben free . You can be confident that you are teaching your toddler to use the very best on their skin, and to treat their bodies with respect.

specific for toddlers

Our range complements the stages of growing independence that parents are teaching their messy toddlers. The very things that parents are teaching their toddlers when they potty train them: Washing hands, a good bath and bedtime routine, good cleanliness and hygiene.

The range also provides a soothing Day and Night Barrier Balm that is great for helping to prevent nappy rash when potty training, and can be used as a sleep balm too, and an essential Bumps and Bruises Healing Salve packed full of Aloe Vera to help little ones manage all their little scrapes and grazes.