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Potty Chair, Toilet Potty, Baby Potty, Best Potty

Potty Chair, Toilet Potty, Baby Potty, Best Potty.  Toddler Barn has chosen Bambino Mio for their Mioseat, Miopotty and Miostep.  These items designed to make potty training a fun experience for your toddler.

First of all, Mioseat, a secure fitting training seat to help ease the switch from potty to the toilet. Toddlers feel safer on the loo using a smaller sized seat and because it fits underneath the normal seat there’s no chance it’ll slip off.

In addition, the Miopotty, a compact, lightweight and portable potty that you can reach for quickly and without fuss.  Finally, the Miostep, a sturdy step stool to encourage independence in the bathroom.